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Crossing supports you on your 30 day journey to form a new habit as the first step on the journey of mastering your future and growing in ways you could on possibly imagine.

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The power of habit

First forget inspiration. Habit is more dependable. Habit will sustain you whether you’re inspired or not - Octavia Butler

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Crossing supports your every day with coaching, tips and motivation to help you achieve your habit. Someone in your corner 24/7 as you begin your journey to mastery and making your life a masterpiece.

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Nowhere else will you find a Community of improvers and dreamers, all working together. Weekly collaborative story-driven games and regular celebration nights. Truly a community like no other, companions on the journey to growth!

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Supporting you every step of the way

“Seriously, thank you! I'm healthier and happier because of Crossing”

Marissa Newton
Yoga everyday & swim on weekends

Your personal 24/7 Coach

Daily reminders, expert guidance, tips, motivational quotes and support to help you complete your habit. Someone in your corner to help you become your future you. Holding you accountable and motivating to build your best self.

An Inspiring Community

A tribe of superstars all trying to grow and encourage each other. Share inspiration & empowering stories of change and self-improvement. Advice from people who been where are you now and Crossed through to the other side.

Your digital champion

A personal Avatar keeping track of your journey. Your Avatar's appearance changes with your health behaviour and acts as an incentive to look after both yourself and your Avatar. It's like having a Tamagotchi but the Tamagotchi is you! Science & research shows that Avatar's are a more powerful health incentive that money and fitness trackers (plus they're super cute and lovable!)

Unlock and trade items

Customise and style your Avatar with personal unlockables and wearables that reflect your identity and celebrate your achievements! A chance to express yourself and connect with others on style.

Trade with others and earn souvenirs for group raids and challenges.

Depending on what they are, will either make us or break us. We become what we repeatedly do.

Sean Covey

We are what we repeatedly do.
Excellent, therefore, is not an act but a habit.


How it works

Your first 30 days with Crossing

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Set your habit and explore your goals with our expert Crossing Coach.

Create your Avatar, your digital champion on your growth journey.

We use science & research led coaching techniques to explore your motivations, your psychological profile and where your habits fit in with your life vision.

Earn entry to the Community

Join a welcoming community of fellow Crossing heroes supporting each other on their journeys

Unlock custom wearables for your Avatar.‍

Nothing beats support from friends and the power of shared experience when learning something new. You're not alone, we're here at every step.

Make friends and share your progress

Form your Avatar's identity and share your achievements with friends

Gain confidence with your habit and push yourself beyond your comfort zone as your habit becomes instinct

Earn the respect of your tribe whilst growing into your own persona. Share the moments, memories, shortcomings and ultimate triumphs with your tribe.

Complete you challenge, master your habit

Graduate from your challenge and earn master status in the community

Power up yourself as your new habit becomes part of your DNA

There's no better feeling than growing and levelling up. Feel more confident and ready to take on new challenges with a new skill and the respect of new friends.

Choose your next challenge, and start the adventure of a lifetime

Start building yourself one habit at a time.
Become addicting to learning and growth.

We can become more powerful and glorious than we could possibly imagine. The truth is, however, it happens one habit at a time.

What our users say

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"Hey, I've been working too much for way too long on a new product release at work which has meant a lot of time sitting in front of computer.

In a fit of good intentions, I recently bought a stationary bike so that I could get some exercise despite killer heat here in Las Vegas, but it wasn’t until I was invited to try out Crossing that I finally had the motivation and support system to regularly use it for its intended purpose. It has been a great help to getting me more active!

Plus check out my badass avatar that my good habits have been helping me build up!"

Paul Daniels

Three spin sessions in a week
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I was in my last semester of college when COVID hit and have been forced to sit at home. Recently COVID cases started increasing in my neighbourhood and thus don't get to step out of my house much.

Using Crossing has forced me to walk at least 7,000+ steps per day as part of my daily exercise.

This has made me happier and healthier in difficult times and feel I'm able to channel myself into my work more effectively.

Gabriel Raoul

Walk 7,000 steps everyday
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I've been working some pretty wild hours in tech and finding my life is way out of balance. My brain feels like a circus at times and I've found meditation to be the best solution to that - as well as being pleasantly helpful in maintaining a connection to people after spending so much time talking to machines.

After over a year of regular daily meditation, I fell out of the habit shortly after starting new course and struggled to get back on track.

Crossing has been perfect opportunity to get back into the rhythm. Since then, I've found the extra nudge and accountability really helps me prioritize it. I still struggled during the final week of my course, but have found 10 minutes per day to drop everything and make meditation a regular habit again. This has done wonders for my headspace and productivity!

Martina Hernandez

Meditate for 10 minutes each day